About Us

About Us

The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus (SGMC) is one of the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ performing arts organizations in the Sacramento region. The chorus was founded in 1984 as a singing group that aimed to foster a sense of community and support gay men in the Sacramento area during the AIDS crisis. SGMC now consists of 110 singers from diverse backgrounds, united by a love of music and a commitment to promoting social justice, equality, and LGBTQ+ rights through the power of music.

SGMC is committed to promoting visibility and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and creating a more inclusive and accepting society. The chorus is also known for its high-quality performances that showcase a wide range of musical genres, from pop to classical and everything in between. The chorus's performances are not only entertaining but also meaningful, as they often address important social issues and promote messages of acceptance, love, and understanding.

One of the best things about the Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus is its commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion through music. The chorus brings together singers from all walks of life. It provides a welcoming and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ people and allies to come together and create beautiful music. Overall, the Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus is a talented, passionate, and dedicated group of individuals who use the power of music to promote positive change in the world.

SGMC’s season begins in August each year and runs through the following July. We produce two major productions, a winter holiday show and a spring show, and perform at various local community benefit events, showcasing the voice of Sacramento's Queer Community.

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2022 Annual Report
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SGMC Sexual Harassment & Bullying Prevention Policy

The Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus (SGMC) is committed to providing an environment that is safe and welcoming, and free from all forms of conduct that can be considered discriminatory, intimidating, or disruptive to Chorus functions, including behavior defined as sexual harassment or bullying. Click the button to read more on our policy.

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